Get Started
You will have a lot on your mind as a new student. We don’t want tech-related questions to be one of them. Therefore, we’ve put together this simple step-by-step guide for you to follow to get you up and running in no time. 
The Student Self-Service user guide

Before you arrive on campus
Step 1: SAIF NetID
Your NetID (sometimes called system account or SAIF account) is your online identity at SAIF, and the key to accessing a wide variety of technology services and resources on campus. When you enrolled and received your SAIF NetID, you will be able to access your SAIF email, Office 365, Educational Service System, Printing Services and much more.
Learn about the SAIF NetID
Step 2: Familiarize yourself with SAIF information systems
Visit begin using Educational Service System or change your password.
Visit SAIF student portal to use Educational Service System and other systems. SAIF will contact you via your email address.
If you would prefer to use a PC or mobile device to access your email, you may follow these manuals.
Step 3: Secure your devices, data, and identity
However, SAIF may be a potential target for hackers. So protect yourself from cyber attacks by taking the necessary steps.
Step 4: Available Resources
Now that you’re up and running, take a look at all the Finance database resources available to you.

Once on campus
Step 1: Connect to SAIF Wireless Network
You can access the resources in SAIF and surfing the internet though the Wi-Fi.
Learn about the available wireless networks
Step 2: Browse and download available software
As a student, you have access to software, including Matlab, SAS.  Browse and download what’s available.
Step 3: Trading Lab
The financial trading lab at SAIF, established in 2010, draws on the advantages of those at top business schools in North America. The lab is equipped with 20 trading terminals which are loaded with universally used trading systems, including Wind/Bloomberg. The full-featured financial trading lab that integrates simulated trading and academic research is the most advanced of its kind in China.
Step 4: Add Public Printer
SAIF print and copy service provides students with copying and remote printing capability, each student has 500 quota.
Learn about the available printer.