Get Started
As a staff member, you’ll have access to IT support and resources, including software. Simply follow the steps below.
Before or on your start date
Step 1: NetID (System Account)
Your NetID (sometimes called system account or SAIF account) is your online identity at SAIF, and the key to accessing a wide variety of technology services and resources on campus. When you hired, you received your SAIF NetID, you will be able to access your computer, SAIF email, office 365, application, printing services and much more. To change your password, go to or press ctrl+alt+delete on the windows PC you received.
Learn about the SAIF NetID
Step 2: Familiarize yourself with your SAIF email account
Visit to begin using web-based email and setting up your preferences.
If you'd prefer to use a desktop or mobile email program, there are several options.
On or after your start date
Step 1: Connect to SAIF's network (SAIFnet) and the internet
Learn all about getting connected securely from your office.
Learn all about getting connected securely from your home.
Step 2: Secure your devices, data, and identity
Unfortunately, SAIF is a target for hackers. Protect yourself from cyber attacks by taking the necessary steps.
Step 3: Create a backup plan for your data
Don’t wait for a hard drive crash or software glitch to ruin your research and lesson plans, or interrupt your work. Set up a data backup plan now and avoid a meltdown later.
Step 4: Browse and download available software
As an employee, you have access to a large volume of software to use in the workplace. Browse and download what’s available.
Step 5: Review available resources
Now that you’re up and running, take a look at all the IT resources available to you.