Wireless Service
As our students or staff you are able to utilize our wireless network. The wireless service that allows you to access the Internet by using your SAIF system account. The 'SAIF' wireless network offers internet access for all user and device types, and requires authentication.
The access points of SAIF offer two SSIDs. Use the following table to select an appropriate SSID.
Note: For the members of SAIF like student, staff, faculty, the 'SAIF-WIFI-WPA2ENT' is recommended.
SSID User Authentication procedure
SAIF-WIFI-VISITOR Guest or visitor Web authentication (Open network)
Open network, no authentication
SAIF-WIFI-WPA2ENT Student, staff, faculty WPA2 enterprise (Secure network)
The account and password will be saved after your first login. You do no need to re-enter the account and password next time.
Terms and Conditions for use of the wireless service
● This service should be used for academic work only.
● You must have up-to-date anti-virus software installed.
● You must apply the latest security updates to your operating system.
● All activity arising from the PC while it is connected to the Wireless network is subject to the same conditions of use as when using Institute computing facilities.
Enable your device's WiFi then select the "SAIF-WIFI-VISITOR" wireless network. Launch a Web browser and enter the address of the first Web page you would like to view. You will then be redirected to a login page where you will need to click “Accept”.
Connect to 'SAIF-WIFI-WPA2ENT'
1. Enable your device's WiFi then connect to the "SAIF-WIFI-WPA2ENT" wireless network.
2. Enter your SAIF system account and password. For Android devices, enter the system account in the 'Identity'.
Note: If a 'Windows Security Alert' appears on windows PC or a 'Certificate' message appears on MAC or IOS devices, tap Connect or Accept. This is a standard certificate verification response. And it only appears at your first login.
1 Click on the wireless network icon in the notification area .
2 Choose the SAIF-WIFI-WPA2ENT network.
3 Enter your SAIF username and password, then click Connect at the certificate warning.
Mac OS X
1 Click on the Apple Wireless Connection Utility Icon .
2 Select the network name SAIF-WIFI-WPA2ENT.
3 Accept the security certificate by clicking Continue.
4 You will be asked to enter the username and password for your computer.
5 Login to the SAIF-WIFI-WPA2ENT wireless network using your SAIF username and password.
Open the settings menu, choose Wi-Fi, and select SAIF-WIFI-WPA2ENT and enter your SAIF username and password. And click Accept or Connect at the certificate message.
Use the Connection tab in Settings and choose WiFi and then the SAIF-WIFI-WPA2ENT network.
Enter your SAIF username in Identity and your password in the Password field.
Q: Have trouble to use the SAIF-WIFI-WPA2ENT with IOS11?
A: Tap Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings
If you have questions or need assistance:
● Call (021) 6293-2641 or (021) 6293-2236 (during Institute business hours).
● Visit the ITS Service Center in 11/F.
● Email