Your NetID (sometimes called system account or SAIF account) is your online identity at SAIF, and the key to accessing a wide variety of technology services and resources on campus.
To change your password:
1. To change password, go to
2. Login with your NetID and password.
3. Select "Change Password" at the right top of the screen, enter your old password and new password, then click "Save".

To reset your forgot password:
If you forgot your password, you can reset your forgot password through SMS (Short Message Service) using your mobile anytime, anywhere. Makesure your mobile number is correct in our system.
1. Go to
2. Enter your SAIF NetID and Mobile then click Next.
3. Click Send, we will send a six-digit code to your mobile.
4. Validate Code: Enter the code we sent to your mobile.
5. Enter your new password then click Submit.
If your mobile number is not consistent with the system in our system, please contact your coordinator or Alumni Affairs Office to update it.

Your new password must meet complexity requirements:
1. Minimum length: 8;
2. Can not contain your username;
3. Must contain characters from 3 of the following 4 categories:
Digits, Symbols, Lower Case Character, Upper Case Character.